Report: Legal team for Joe Lopez plans retesting of DNA evidence


The legal team for Joe Lopez plans to retest DNA evidence that helped convict the singer and sent him to prison in 2006 for sex crimes against his niece.

Lopez was released on parole in March, but he is not a free man. After more than a decade in prison, the co-founder of Grammy winning group Mazz, has to wear an ankle monitor and spend most of his time inside, KVEO reports.

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His legal team is fighting to clear his name and received a big break from Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz.  KVEO reports that Saenz will not interfere with DNA evidence being retested in a chance meeting between the D.A. and Lopez’s legal team.

Lopez’s brother, Saul Lopez, admitted in an affidavit that he contaminated the shorts used as evidence, Joe’s manager Sandra Treviño told KVEO, “The brother of Joe Lopez clearly admits to contaminating the shorts. The DNA evidence is what got Joe his imprisonment, had that proof been submitted, Joe would never have been sent to prison and there would have been a reasonable doubt about the DNA evidence.”

Lopez is under extensive supervision with limited time out of his home and anyone wishing to see or hear from him will have to wait.

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“Joe, right now, is doing a lot of recording,” said Treviño. “He’s got the guitar, he’s singing some music. Joe will not be anywhere on stage for the next 8 months to a year. Joe is not ready for the public…Once Joe’s ready, then we’ll make sure that every fan that has supported and loved Joe throughout all these years has that opportunity to see him and hear his voice.”

Lopez’s legal team calls the meeting with the District Attorney a success and plans to get the paperwork ready for retesting of the DNA evidence.

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