Report: Jimmy Gonzalez home resting after being released from hospital

Posted on February 4, 2018 by Romeo

Jimmy Gonzalez | Photo by Tommy Gunz Photography

Tejano music legend Jimmy Gonzalez is home resting after being sent to the hospital with the flu, according to a report.

Super Tejano 106.1 in the Rio Grande Valley posted on their Facebook page early Sunday morning that Gonzalez “was taken to the emergency room and is having problems breathing and we heard it was a severe case of the flu and wasn’t doing good.”

The Grammy winner was scheduled to perform with Grupo Mazz at Outta Town Dance Hall in Mission, Texas on Saturday night.

According to KSAB-FM Program Director Dan Peña, Gonzalez was released from the hospital on Sunday.

“Good news! Jimmy Gonzalez (is) back home resting. Released from hospital early this morning. He’s fine and looks forward to be back on stage soon,” Peña posted on Facebook.

Tejano Nation will have more updates on Gonzalez’s condition as more information becomes available.

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