A.B. Quintanilla back in court as former Kumbia Kings members seek money ow

A.B. Quintanilla back in court as former Kumbia Kings members seek money owed

Posted on September 7, 2017 by Tejano Nation

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A.B. Quintanilla III is back in court, a week after being released from jail for non-payment of child support.

The Grammy winner appeared in a Nueces County courtroom Wednesday for an ongoing civil case filed by three former Kumbia Kings members, Caller.com reports.  It’s the continuation of a lawsuit from 2012 involving nearly half a million dollars he owes to former band mates, according to court records.

Quintanilla committed fraud and breach of fiduciary duty according to a ruling in 2012 that ordered him and his music label company, Iron Tigga, LLC, to pay former band members Alex and Rolando Ramirez $393,266 in addition to $65,000 in attorney fees. A third band member, who didn’t show up for the trial, was awarded nothing, court records show.

Quintanilla filed for bankruptcy days after the judge announced the decision, but the order still stood. An appeals court also upheld the ruling against Quintanilla and his company.

Testimony showed that Quintanilla had long promised to share more of the band’s profits with them, but paid them “no more than $175 per show, with a small bonus for larger shows, even though the band charged no less than $30,000 per show,” according to court documents.

Quintanilla testified that he felt they had nothing to do with the band’s success because they didn’t write the songs. He also denied making promises to share concert revenues.

The case is back in court so the plaintiffs can collect the money owed.

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