Andres Salgado thanks fans for support of father Michael Salgado

Andres Salgado thanked fans for support and gave an update on his father Michael Salgado, who collapsed during a performance on August 26.

“Just wanted to say thank you to all the fans out there that reached out to me and told me, ‘Hope your dad feels better’, a lot of prayers toward his way,” Andres said via a Facebook Live video on Monday. “I wanted to thank all, each and everyone of those people for everything that y’all said to me and wanted me to give to my Pops.”

His father collapsed during a performance in Carlsbad, New Mexico on Saturday night. Salgado’s record label, Zurdo Records, issued a statement on Sunday saying the two-time Latin Grammy winner suffered an episode of vertigo earlier this month and also underwent vocal cord surgeryon August 8, in an unrelated issue to the vertigo.

“He should be in a speedy recovery right now,” Andres added. “I’m hoping to God he gets back up on his feet and starts playing again. He’s resting as far as right now.”

Michael Salgado has been ordered to rest for the next few days by his doctor and that more tests have been scheduled for “El Zurdo De Oro”.

“As you know vertigo is delicate, but can be controlled with appropriate medication,” according to the record label’s statement. “At the moment the doctor has recommended rest for the next few days. Any additional information we will let you know.”

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WATCH: Andres Salgado thanks fans for support of father Michael Salgado



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