AJ Castillo shares details on upcoming album [VIDEO]

Posted on July 25, 2017 by Romeo


AJ Castillo performs in Tucson, Arizona on December 10, 2016. | Photo by GS Photography

AJ Castillo gave fans details on his upcoming album via a Facebook Live video on his personal Facebook page on June 27.

The accordionist and singer was at the Good Vibes Studios in San Antonio, Texas working on his upcoming disc and mentioned a possible date for its release.

“Hopefully it’ll be out soon…I’m hoping August,” Castillo says in the video. “August, September. Hopefully August, I’m pushing to make it quick.”

Castillo added what to expect on his new album, including maybe a collaboration with some top accordionists.

“I’m going to have some rancheras on the record,” said Castillo. “I have a ranchera I’m working on right now, hopefully we can get  Jaime DeAnda on it. Myself, Jaime and Albert Zamora. I want to do a crazy conjunto track that’s going to be like accordion abuse. So, hopefully we can make that happen.”

Castillo recently released the official music video for his latest hit single “Esta Noche” on June 27. Watch it here.

WATCH: AJ Castillo give details on upcoming album



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