La Fiebre says new album is done and coming soon [VIDEO]

Posted on July 13, 2017 by Romeo


La Fiebre recording their new album at Freddie Records Legends Sound Studios in Corpus Christi, Texas on Jun 10, 2017. | @LaFiebreBand Facebook Photo

La Fiebre took to social media to announce that their new album is done and gave some details about the upcoming disc.

The band posted a video on the official Facebook page of their record label Freddie Records on July 8.

“Guys, guess what? We’re done,” La Fiebre lead vocalist J Angel Cantu says in the video. “That’s right, La Fiebre’s CD, the new one, coming soon. Be looking out for that. La Fiebre, new CD, new music for all the Fiebre fans out there.”

The band also thanked fans for their support and said that fans will love the new sound of the upcoming album. No album title or release date info was given for the new album, but Tejano Nation will have the latest details as soon as they are available.

This will be first album from La Fiebre since the release of their Latin Grammy nominated La Nueva Era in December 2014.

WATCH: La Fiebre talks about their new album



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