Veronique remakes Freddy Fender classic ‘Wasted Days’ [AUDIO]

Posted on July 12, 2017 by Romeo


Rising Tejano star Veronique Medrano has released a remake of the Freddy Fender classic hit, “Wasted Days And Wasted Nights”.

Veronique hadn’t planned to release her version of the Fender classic hit, but her fans had been asking for it.

“When you do covers, everybody has an opinion as to how it should sound and what you should put in there,” Veronique told Tejano Nation. “You’re not going to please everybody, but the thing is that so many of my fans wanted it and since there was such a clamoring for it, more than anything, that really pushed us to go ahead and do it, because otherwise we would have just left it as something that was just part of the show.”

The blues ballad from Fender, who passed away in 2006, was originally written and released in 1959 during the early stages of his career, but an arrest and conviction on charges of possession of marijuana in 1960 shelved Fender’s career during his incarceration.

“Wasted Days And Wasted Nights” was re-recorded in 1975 after  Fender’s career was rejuvenated with his hit “Before The Next Teardrop Falls”.  This time, “Wasted Days” became a huge country and pop hit, selling over 1 million copies.

Other artists have covered the classic tune, including Leann Rimes and the late Jenni Rivera.

“Wasted Days” by Veronique Medrano is available now at all digital platforms, including the Tejano Nation Amazon MP3 store.

LISTEN: “Wasted Days” — Veronique Medrano



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