Relive Selena’s most memorable performance with upcoming live album release of ‘The Last Concert’

Posted on May 29, 2017 by Romeo


One of the most memorable concerts for Selena Quintanilla was February 26, 1995, at the Houston Astrodome.  The concert was performed entirely live in front of more than 61,000 people. The music performed was mostly from Selena’s last Spanish album, Amor Prohibido. This concert held the record for the largest crowd in the history of the Houston Astrodome until April 1, 2001.

Now, Selena fans can relive that memorable live concert experience with the upcoming release of The Last Concert, available for pre-order now, with a scheduled release date of June 23, 2017.

The release will feature a double vinyl limited edition for $29.98 or digital release including DVD of the performance for $9.99 on iTunes and $9.49 on Amazon.




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