Freddie Records shares video of Jimmy Gonzalez Y Grupo Mazz working on new album

Posted on March 2, 2017 by Romeo


Freddie Records shared a Facebook live video of Tejano music legend Jimmy Gonzalez Y Grupo Mazz working on a new album at Legends Sounds studios in Corpus Christi, Texas on Wednesday (March 1).

The seven minute clip features the multiple Grammy winners laying down the ground work for a new track according the the legendary record label’s official Facebook page.

The upcoming album would the follow up to Que Cante El Mundo, which was released on Memorial Day weekend in 2016, and contained the hit songs “Aqua De Papaya” and “Ella No Sabe.”

No information on a release date or album title yet, but Tejano Nation will have the details as soon as they become available.

WATCH: Jimmy Gonzalez Y Mazz working on new album at Legends Sounds studios



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