CHIKKA is Tejano’s new all-female supergroup




Sarah Monique, Savannah Votion, Anjelique and Brianna have come together to form Tejano’s new all-female supergroup named CHIKKA.

Chikka is the brainchild of producer Eric “E-Rock” Avalos, who announced the group’s members on Friday (Feb. 10) during an interview on the radio show of Tejano Nation contributor Mingo Mariano on

“All four have come together and united as one to bring all of their fans one hell of a show,” Avalos told Tejano Nation about Chikka. “Currently we are in the studio working on the first single, a pop cumbia titled ‘Las Que Se Ponen Bien La Falda,’ which talks about women being more then just a sex symbol. The single is a women’s anthem pushing the subject that women should stand up and have rights too.”

“Las Que Se Ponen Bien La Falda” will be the lead single from an upcoming Chikka album, that will also feature three new tracks from each artist with a bonus track.

The idea for the group’s name came out of a group text after the original idea for the name, Azucar, had merchandise licensing issues due to music legend Celia Cruz.

“We kept running ideas and believe it or not we’re all on a group text together and the girls always call each other CHIKKA, CHIKKA this, CHIKKA that, so I took it as a sign and ran with it,” Avalos said. “It accommodates both the Spanish community as well as the English speaking one and since they all came together as one I figure we might as well keep it single as CHIKKA and not plural as in CHIKKAS.”

The new group plans to  bring something new to Tejano music genre.

“CHIKKA isn’t just a traditional Tejano band, CHIKKA is new age Tejano,” Avalos said. “We have a three piece live horn section, dancers, percussionist, and full band behind it.”

CHIKKA will debut during the 2017 Tejano Music Awards Fan Fair in San Antonio, Texas, March 16-19, with stage and time to be announced soon.

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