Aisha remakes Ram Herrera’s ‘Pero No’ for single




Aisha / Photo by Jimencio

Rising Tejano singer Aisha has released a remake of “Pero No” from Ram Herrera for her latest single.  The track is produced by award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala, who will also produce Aisha’s upcoming solo debut album.

“I was so excited how this song came out,” Aisha posted on Facebook about the track. “What was also so awesome was to get positive feedback from Mr. Ram Herrera himself, it meant so much to me…it was actually his idea for me to use one of his songs and after researching all his songs I fell in love with this one.”

“Pero No” was written by Joel Ramirez and is from Herrera’s 1986 album Most Wanted Man, the one famously known for the cover of Ram in the bathtub.

“I’m really happy with the way this production turned out,” Zavala posted on Facebook with a snippet of the song. “I didn’t know if I could blend a hard-core 80’s Ram Herrera ranchera into a relevant, modern Tejano cumbia. As I dove into the original recording, I was transported back into a different, amazing, and very musical time in our Onda. I wanted to make sure that I kept as much of that original Tejano Soul as possible.”

“Pero No” will be available at all digital media outlets soon.

Learn more about Aisha at her official Facebook page,

LISTEN: “Pero No” — Aisha



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