If you've seen "Evan Almighty", you probably remember it as the sequel to "Bruce Almighty" that wasn't quite as good.  But it changed one guy's LIFE, and inspired him to change MORE people's lives.



20-year-old Alex Radelich saw the movie in 2012 when he was a freshman at Purdue University.  And there's a scene where Morgan Freeman . . . as God . . . says we can change the world "one act of random kindness at a time."



And that one line inspired Alex to start something called the ARK Project.  This summer, he and four of his high-school buddies got a $10,000 grant to travel around the country in an R.V. doing random acts of kindness for complete strangers.



Over the course of six weeks, they drove 6,000 miles . . . buying coffee for strangers, giving food to the homeless, handing out flowers, and even cooking dinner for people.



Their trip just ended, but it sounds like the project will continue . . . Alex left college to pursue it full time, they're raising more money onArkProjectNow.com, and the "Today" show just did something on it yesterday.



Alex says the point was to start a, quote, "epidemic of kindness."  Because if ONE random act of kindness can make a difference, imagine what thousands could do.  (Today / Goshen News)  (Check out a photo of Alex here.)