Any time someone tries to commit suicide, it's unfortunate.  Except in THIS case . . . when it was an oddly FORTUNATE event.



Last Wednesday night around 11:00 P.M., police in London got a call about a guy threatening to jump off London Bridge.  So they showed up in a squad car, and requested a lifeboat in case he DID jump.



And it's a good thing they did that.  Because when the boat got there, the crew realized there was another person already IN the water . . . who was DROWNING.



He was a 33-year-old who hasn't been identified, and he had severe hypothermia.  And apparently he was pretty disoriented, because after they pulled him from the water, even HE said he wasn't sure how he got there.  (???)



But according to one of the rescuers, there were no other boats in the area that would have spotted him, and he probably would have died.



In other words, the guy threatening to kill himself saved his LIFE.  And while all this was going on, the cops on the bridge managed to talk the jumper down too. 



(The Telegraph / UPI)