Mark Sebba has been the CEO of the fashion website Net-A-Porter for 11 years.  And apparently his employees LOVE HIM, because he recently announced he's retiring, and THIS is what they did.  (The company is pronounced Net-uh-pore-tay.)



Mark showed up to work in London last month to a HUGE going-away party, where employees danced around with signs to the Aloe Blacc song "The Man".  Then a projector showed employees dancing at the company's other offices all over the world.



They posted a video of it on YouTube last week.  It ends with him saying that he's overwhelmed.  Then he jokingly orders everyone to get some actual WORK done.



(Search for "Amazing Surprise for the World's Most Loved CEO."  The video of employees in other cities starts at 1:37, and his speech starts at 6:20.)