On Saturday, a cop in Kennebunk, Maine named Matthew Harrington pulled over an 84-year-old named Gavin Falconer for speeding.  (Kennebunk is about 30 miles south of Portland.)



But while Officer Harrington was running his information, Gavin suddenly slumped over in his seat.  So the officer ran back to Gavin's car, and realized there was no pulse and that Gavin wasn't breathing.  Turns out he was having a HEART ATTACK.



So he yanked him out of the car, ripped his shirt open, started doing CPR, and called for backup.  Then another cop got there with a defibrillator.  And together, they managed to save Gavin's LIFE.



Gavin was in pretty good spirits when a reporter talked to him in his hospital bed, and joked that he just wishes Officer Harrington hadn't had to ruin his SHIRT to save his life.



He also said that he's been lucky his entire life, and wants to meet Harrington to say thank you. 



By the way, Gavin DIDN'T end up getting a speeding ticket . . . he got off with a warning. 






(Check out photos of Gavin and Officer Harrington here.)