I know you're really proud of how well your cat and dog get along.  But this is pretty impressive too.



A stray cat somehow got into a zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia recently . . . they think it was looking for food.



And it made a beeline for an enclosure where a LYNX was living.  A lynx is basically like a bobcat, and they weigh up to 60 or 70 pounds.



So you'd expect the story to end with a very DEAD cat and a very happy lynx.  But instead, they became BEST FRIENDS.  And since they're so inseparable, the zookeepers have decided to ADOPT the cat so they can LIVE together.



If you want to see them, there are a bunch of photos online.  There's also a YouTube video of them cleaning each other.  Just search for "The awesome friends in St. Petersburg Zoo."



(LoveMeow.com / Gawker / YouTube)



(Check out the photos here.)