Kerry Lumsden lives outside Brisbane, Australia.  And in November, her 10-year-old son was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  So Kerry quit her job to take care of him.  (We don't know her age, but she looks to be in her 40s.)



Meanwhile, Kerry is ALSO battling cancer.  She's had seven melanomas removed, and just found out she has cervical cancer too.  Then recently, her car broke down.  Which was a big deal, because she had to get to their chemo treatments.



Luckily, a website called got involved.  Their goal is to do something nice for one person every week of the year.  With Kerry, the idea was to find a mechanic who'd fix her car for free. 



But halfway around the world, an anonymous woman in Scotland heard about it, and stepped it up a bit.  Instead of fixing the car, she decided to buy Kerry a NEW one, and donated about $6,500.  Then a car dealership offered to give her a sweet deal, so she could buy a truck to carry her son's wheelchair.



Kerry says it made her realize that she and her son aren't going through this alone.  And they recently found out that his cancer is now in remission. 



( / Sunshine Coast Daily / Good News Network)



(Check out a photo of Kerry and her son with the woman who runs here.)