Back in November, a restaurant in Platteville, Wisconsin called Culver's burned down.  (Platteville is in the southwest corner of the state, about 70 miles southwest of Madison.)



Which meant all 40 employees were going to be out of work.  Luckily, the owner wasn't willing to let that happen. 



Bruce Kroll has owned the restaurant for 19 years.  And a lot of the EMPLOYEES have been there for years too.



So instead of laying people off, he kept paying EVERYONE for six months, which cost him about $144,000.  And in return, he only asked that they use their spare time doing VOLUNTEER work around the community while he rebuilt.



He explained that his restaurant isn't about the building, it's about the people who work there.  And even though the building was destroyed, he wasn't going to let a fire destroy anyone's LIFE.



Culver's reopened last month.  And on the very same day, a TORNADO came about 50 feet from destroying it AGAIN.  Luckily, it didn't cause any damage, and everyone is now back on the job.