Earlier this month, a guy in Boonville, Indiana named Derk West realized someone had stolen his 1993 Chrysler. (Boonville is near the Kentucky border, 100 miles west of Louisville.)



Then the thief sold it to a 72-year-old guy for $300.  But that guy eventually realized the deal was too good to be true, found out the car was stolen, and tracked down Derk to give it BACK.



But when Derk talked to him, he found out the guy had bought the car for his daughter, who's dealing with money issues right now.  So instead of taking it back . . . Derk decided to let them KEEP IT.



He explained to the local news that he hadn't been using the car for the past year anyway . . . and the man's daughter obviously needed it more than he did.



Meanwhile, the idiot who stole it is a guy named Donald Grisby.  And cops were able to find him because he used his REAL NAME and social security number when he signed the bill of sale. 






(Check out Derk's photo and Donald's mugshot below.  And you can get in touch with Derk at 812-204-5877.)