Earlier this month, someone in Rogue River, Oregon stole a pet rabbit from a PRESCHOOL.  Which is about as heartless as it gets.  (Rogue River is in the southwest corner of the state, about 50 miles north of the California border.)



The rabbit's name is Amos, and the kids were obviously devastated.  Luckily, the population of Rogue River is only about 2,000 people.  So EVERYONE heard about it.  But after almost a week, Amos was still missing.



Then a homeless man named Ralph Rowden came into the picture.  Five days after the rabbit disappeared, Ralph was looking through a trashcan behind the local library.  And when he lifted up a bag of cans, he saw Amos sitting in a box underneath it.



Ralph says even HE had heard about Amos at that point, and immediately brought him back to the preschool.



He ended up getting a small cash reward for it, but says the thank you card that the kids made for him meant even more.  In fact, it's the first thank you note he's ever received. 



(KOBI / Huffington Post)



(Check out photos of Ralph and Amos here.)