This is NOT a ringing endorsement for the curative powers of stress balls.



--44-year-old Darren Baldwin of Blackpool, England was a warehouse worker at a novelty product manufacturer called SPS.  And his job was to pack stress balls.  But the company was doing some layoffs, and Darren was one of the people let go. 



--And instead of channeling his rage into a few hard squeezes on one of the thousands of stress balls at his disposal, he FLIPPED OUT . . . and PUNCHED his boss in the FACE.



--After he punched out his boss, he went and grabbed TWO KNIVES, and started screaming that he was going to, quote, "cut up" all of his coworkers.



--Darren just pleaded guilty to assault.  He'll be sentenced next month. 



(Blackpool Gazette)