In the late 1990s, a teenager in Albuquerque, New Mexico took his date to a French restaurant called La Café Miche for a romantic Valentine's Day dinner.  (The kid's name wasn't given.)



When the check arrived, the guy's date went to the bathroom.  And while she was gone, he confessed to the chef that he was about $40 short.    



The restaurant's chef was a guy named Claus Hjortkjaer (Hee-yorch-shier).  And he gave the kid $40 out of his own pocket to save him from being embarrassed in front of his date.  He told him to just pay it back when he had the chance.     



It took a while . . . but after 15 YEARS, the kid has FINALLY paid off the debt.  He brought Claus a $100 bill to cover the $40 loan . . . plus interest.