Lottery winners NEVER make their first big purchase as BADASS as this.



--In November, Mark and Cindy Hill of Dearborn, Missouri won the $587 MILLION Powerball jackpot.  There was one other winning ticket, so after the jackpot was split, they took the lump sum, paid taxes, and wound up with $136.5 MILLION.



--And now, they've made their first big splurge.  They paid $50,000 to help fund a new SEWAGE TREATMENT PLANT.  It's in Mark's hometown of Camden Point, Missouri.



--That project was supposed to take the town about 25 years to fund, based on their current tax rate.  Now it can happen right away . . . and the 500 or so families in Camden Point can get rid of their individual septic tanks.



--That's not the only thing the Hills are doing with their winnings.  They're also planning to sponsor a new fire station and a new park in Camden Point, and starting a scholarship fund in Dearborn.