Earlier this year, a guy in Fort Collins, Colorado named Seth Kelley went to a neighborhood meeting with his wife, Kelly.  Yes, her name is Kelly Kelley.  (They both look like they're in their 30s.)



Anyway, the topic was a new housing development for the homeless, which some people at the meeting weren't very excited about.



But Seth and Kelly wanted to help . . . so they decided to open a coffee shop right NEXT to the housing development.  And they're ONLY going to hire the people who live there.



They opened in May.  So far, they have one person on staff who's homeless, and he has to commute back and forth from a shelter every day until the housing development is finished next year.



They also hired two experienced baristas to get the place up and running, and teach people what to do.  But once the housing development is done, they say their plan is to hire the people who live there, exclusively.



(Coloradoan / ThinkProgress)



(Check out a photo of Seth and Kelly here.)