This happened in February, but it hasn't been in the news until now.  On Valentine's Day, a guy named Michael DeMarco had a heart attack while he was on a stationary bike at his home in Austin, Texas.  (Michael looks to be in his mid-40s.)



When it happened, he was alone in a room with his dog, and his four-year-old daughter.  Meanwhile, his 12-year-old daughter Aly was on her way out the door for school.  Normally she would have left already, but it turned out she was running LATE. 



She heard him yell something, and she almost IGNORED him, because she assumed he wanted her to watch her sister for a few minutes.  Luckily, she says his voice sounded kind of high-pitched and girly, which was weird.



She went to see what he wanted, and got there just in time to see Michael collapse on top of the dog's cage.  Then the dog thought he was playing and started JUMPING on him.  Aly says even SHE thought it was a joke at first.



Luckily, she'd taken a class just DAYS earlier on how to do CPR on infants, so she could babysit.  Which is obviously different than doing CPR on her dad, who's 6-foot-1, and 215 pounds.



But a 911 operator talked her through it, and she ended up saving his LIFE.  Michael was in a coma for six days.  But now he's back home and doing well. 



(KVUE / ABC News)



(Check out photos of Michael and Aly here.)