52-year-old Robert Zygarowski of Ellwood City, Pennsylvania may be going down, but at least he went down like freaking SUPERMAN.



Robert was driving in Salem, New Hampshire early on Saturday when some cops pulled him over.  We're not sure WHY they pulled him over, but we know he fought with them . . . so they TASERED him.



But somehow it didn't affect him . . . in fact, it seemed to make him STRONGER.



Robert pulled the Taser barbs out of his chest, got in his car, and sped off.  His tire blew in Massachusetts, so he hopped out, charged at the cops following him . . . and STOLE their cop car.  Then he escaped and lost them.



He might've gotten away with it, except he tried to rob a gas station . . . and cops finally caught him.



He was hit with several charges, including assault and resisting arrest.  There's no word if he was on some kind of drugs that made him impervious to tazing. 



(Huffington Post)