There's an eight-year-old in Minneapolis named Dylan Spoering who's been taking piano lessons from his grandfather for four years.  And on Saturday he decided to do a recital from his front porch. 



So he put a homemade sign on the front lawn that said "Free concert by Dylan Spoering, 2:30 - 3:20pm."  Then a neighbor who's never even met Dylan saw it when he was biking by, posted a photo, and made the recital an 'event' on Facebook.



Dylan probably figured a couple neighbors would come by at best . . . especially since it was RAINING.  But the photo when viral . . . in a local way . . . and over 200 PEOPLE showed up.



He says that made him nervous, but worked the mic like a pro and went ahead with the recital, including "Skip To My Lou" and "Rhino In The Mud."  He even announced an intermission halfway through, to pass out cookies and answer questions.



Another guy who showed up streamed it live using his cell phone . . . and over 40,000 MORE people watched online.  (Search for "Dylan Spoering: 8-Year-Old's Free Concert In His Yard Goes Viral, Attracts Hundreds.")