On Friday, a sports reporter in Tucscon named Paul Cicala was doing a segment on the Pac-12 Championship from outside the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.



And he joked that he had to run inside so he wouldn't miss the tipoff of the Arizona Wildcats game.  Then he turned around and literally SPRINTED away from the camera.



But he only made it about 30 or 40 feet before he TRIPPED and took a pretty nasty spill.  The best part was that the anchor he was talking to didn't even notice.  According to KVOA in Tucson, Paul was fine though.



(Search for "News 4 Tucson's Paul Cicala's Las Vegas Trip."  He starts running at :24, and then it shows a bunch of replays.  After that, it shows the full segment, and the fall is at 2:27.)