68-year-old John David Martinez of Denver, Colorado is one of those guys who rocks a t-shirt with his own name on it.  And we know that for one of the dumbest reasons possible.



On Tuesday morning around 9:00 A.M., John drove to a Wells Fargo branch in Denver, walked up to a female teller, and told her to fill up a bag with money.  He got at least $20,000, then took off. 



But there were two problems with his master plan.  First, while he robbed the bank, John wore a black t-shirt with the name "John" on it.



Second, he drove his own car to the robbery.  So when the cops ran the plates, they got his name . . . and his "John" t-shirt sealed the deal that it was him.



They tracked him down in less than five hours and arrested him for felony robbery.  (ABC 7 - Denver)  (Here's his mugshot.  Unfortunately we don't have a photo of him in his "John" t-shirt.)