Most guys think they can throw a football further than they actually can . . . because we all spend a lot of time WATCHING football and zero time actually PLAYING it.  That delusion got this guy arrested.



22-year-old Christen Moore of Detroit, Michigan went to a state prison in Jackson, Michigan on Sunday morning, to smuggle drugs and cell phones to his buddies inside.



He stuffed marijuana, heroin, tobacco, three cell phones, and three chargers into a FOOTBALL . . . and his plan was to chuck it over the tall prison fences into the exercise yard.  Unfortunately for him, he JUST didn't have the arm to pull it off.



His throw had to clear two fences . . . and only cleared the first one.  The guards grabbed the football, popped out all the drugs . . . and had an officer arrest Christen.



He's facing three felony counts of furnishing contraband to inmates.



 (The Smoking Gun



(Here's his mugshot and a photo of the football next to one of the fences.)