See, THIS is why I never do anything romantic.  I swear, it's not because I'm lazy and take my relationship for granted . . . it's because I believe in safety first.



29-year-old Amanj Issen of Kent, England wanted to welcome his 24-year-old girlfriend Jana home after she'd spent a month visiting her family in Latvia.



So he set the bedroom up as romantically as possible.  He bought flowers, put out champagne, laid down rose petals, and put a bunch of tea candles on the ground in the shape of a heart and spelling out her name.



Then he lit the candles and went downstairs to wait for her.  And right before she got home, he heard a noise upstairs. 



Turns out the candles had set the RUG on fire . . . and the house was starting to BURN DOWN. 



He got out safely, but the house was so messed up they have to move. 



(Elite Daily



(Here's a photo of the romantic scene he set up, the damage afterward, and a shot of Amanj and Jana together.)