In theory, when you ask your girlfriend's dad for permission to marry her, it's supposed to be a respectful formality.  The only way you'll hear "no" is if one of you is a bad person.  Which seems to be what happened here . . .



40-year-old James Kane of Ocala, Florida was ready to propose to his girlfriend, so on Monday, he asked her 72-year-old father for permission to marry her.



(The police report doesn't specifically say the man was her father, but we think it's safe to jump to that conclusion.)



But the dad said NO. 



And based on the way James responded, we can see why the dad didn't want James marrying his daughter . . . because James started throwing PUNCHES.  The dad wound up with cuts and bruises on his face. 



James was arrested and charged with felony domestic battery on a person over 65.



There's no word on whether James and his girlfriend are still together, or if he went through with his proposal even without permission. 



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(Here's James's mugshot.)