It's that time of year when the Internet starts getting flooded with Halloween videos.  Here are the three best out there right now . . .



There's a one where scenes from "The Walking Dead" are edited together so it looks like the characters are singing "Monster Mash".  And it's absolutely FILLED with graphic violence.



(Search for "The Walking Dead Sing-Along - Monster Mash."  WARNING:  Decapitations, graphic violence, and some profanity.)





Then there's a Britney Spears parody called "Work WITCH" . . . instead of "Work Bitch" . . . and it also pokes fun at recent hits byKaty PerryMiley CyrusDaft PunkRobin Thicke, and a bunch of other songs from the past year.



(Search for "Work Witch Halloween Parody.")





And last but not least, some guy decided to go as DISNEYLAND for Halloween.  He uploaded a video of himself walking around in his homemade costume . . . which is a five-foot-wide replica of the entire park, with only his head sticking out.



(Search for "Disneyland Costume Flyaround.")