Joyce Grendel is an 18-year-old senior at Independence High in Cleveland.  Last week, just a few days before her senior prom on Friday night, her date backed out.    



--So Joyce went on Twitter, and asked a Cleveland Browns player named Joe Haden if HE would be her date.  She's a member of his fan club and a regular at his autograph signings and public appearances, so he recognized her name . . . and said YES.



--Joe has a $50 million contract with the team, but he enrolled in college early and regretted that he never got to go to his own prom.  He said, quote, "I was nervous.  I was getting ready [and asking] 'Does this look cool?'  This is my prom too."            



--So on Friday night, Joe showed up at Joyce's house in a grey three-piece suit, and drove her and her friend to the prom in his white Lamborghini.