Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals admitted he 'grooved' a fastball to DEREK JETER for his first at-bat, in the first inning of the All-Star game last night. 



Meaning an easy pitch for Jeter to slam.  Quote, "I was gonna give him a couple pipe shots.  He deserved it."



Which is fine . . . guys will throw a meat pitch to a retiring player in the all-star game, so they can get a hit.  But the pitcher usually doesn't ADMIT to it . . . IMMEDIATELY after he comes out of the game.  So he took a lot of heat on Twitter and Facebook.



He later said that he "misspoke" . . . but that's probably B.S.  He was probably just annoyed that Jeter got a double out of it.   (Search for "Wainwright on All-Star Game Pitch to Jeter ."  Here he is apologizing to Erin Andrews for it.)