Last Wednesday, a woman walked into a diner in New York, didn't order anything, and started having a loud, profanity-filled phone conversation.  And the manager actually let her keep going for about 30 MINUTES.



Then he finally told her to leave . . . and she reacted by throwing a glass at him and spitting in his FACE.  Then while he was trying to kick her out, she threw three ketchup bottles across the dining area, and broke a TV with one of them.



The woman's friend was there too, trying to hold her back the whole time.  And security cameras got it all on video.  Cops ended up catching up with the woman down the street, and she's now facing assault charges.



The manager says she caused about $1,200 worth of damage.  (Search for "Woman Hurls Ketchup Bottles After Being Shushed for Talking on Cell."  NOTE:  There's no sound.)