As far as I know, it's still not possible to REANIMATE THE DEAD.  No matter how many TV shows they make about zombies.  Or how many times you watch "Weekend at Bernie's".



--93-year-old Clarence Bright died last week, and his funeral at Gethsemane Cemetery in Detroit, Michigan was over the weekend.  But he hadn't been buried yet because the ground was too soggy from rain.



--Then, on Monday morning, the casket with his DEAD BODY inside was STOLEN.



--Police ended up tracking down the body.  Turns out Clarence's 48-year-old SON had stolen it . . . because he had plans to BRING HIS FATHER BACK TO LIFE.  His strategy was to bring him back through prayer.



--That's weirdly sweet . . . but stealing a corpse is totally illegal, regardless of the motivation behind stealing it.  So he was arrested. 



(Detroit Free Press)