I know planning a wedding is stressful.  But how many women out there would prefer to not make ANY of the decisions?  Well . . . apparently at least ONE.



Last year, a Canadian woman named Carly Butler got back from a six-month trip to England.  And she THOUGHT she was back just in time for her engagement party.  But her fiancé Alex had secretly been planning a WEDDING instead.



So around 9:00 A.M., he gave her a note explaining it.  Then they got married the SAME DAY, and even the GUESTS didn't know it was a wedding until right before it started.  Amazingly, she seemed pretty cool with it.



You can check out their wedding video on Vimeo.com.



(Search for "The Surprise Wedding of Carly and Adam."  She finds out at :26, the guests find out at 2:25, and they start their vows at 2:36.)