Lisa Luna
Lifestyles Editor

Band members are Leo Leal on bajo sexto, Javier Villarreal on saxophone and keyboards, Bruce Hudson on bass, Rick Ortiz on vocals, Fabian Valdez on drums and Angel Valdez on accordion.

“It is an awesome feeling,” said Angel Valdez, on winning the award.

Valdez is a 1992 graduate of Poteet High School.

This year they were also nominated for Best Album of the Year and Engineers of the Year. Last year they were nominated for two Tejano Globe Awards.

Angel was unable to attend the Houston event, since he had to work. When he received a phone call to let him know the group had won, he could not believe it.

The band’s second CD is titled, “Sin Ti.” The band’s second CD is titled, “Sin Ti.”“I said, ‘Are you serious?’

My wife said, ‘Are you okay?’ I said, ‘Yes, they just told me we got Best New Group of the Year!’” said Angel. “I’m still excited. It is just a great accomplishment.”

The group has been together for almost four years. It started out with Angel and his younger brother Fabian Valdez and Bruce Hudson, ofPleasanton. They were originally called “Impozible,” but they changed the name when they realized several other groups had the same name. Leo Leal of Pleasanton also joined the group in the beginning, but had to leave when he became a first-time father. Now that his child is older, he is back with the band. The other band members live inSan Antonio.

“We remember always going to David Lee dances. That was our icon, our role model. That’s why we added sax and keyboards. That is who we look up to, David Lee,” shared Angel.

He hopes Tejano Cavalry will put Pleasanton on the map the way David Lee Garza has put Poteet on the map.

They have released their second CD, “Sin Ti,” which contains 10 songs. You can find their original music on iTunes, Amazon, iHeart, etc. Tejano Cavalry is hitting the charts with “Dejame Explicar,” “Sabes que te Quiero,” “Sin Ti,” “Una Paloma” and “Bruce’s Favorite Polkita.”

They have also appeared in “Tejano Gold Radio The Magazine” and in “Tejano E Magazine.”

“At first, we were just playing around and playing cover music... and then we finally got serious. I learned the skills to write music and the other guys came up with arrangements and the background music. We started a song and just kept progressing to more music. Then we had enough original music to start a CD. I just kept writing and we came up with the second CD,” said Angel.

The Valdez brothers get their talent from their father, Pete Valdez Sr. who used to be a musician.

“Once a musician, you are always a musician,” said Angel.

His children are in band and also love music.

He is busy writing again and the group is making plans for a third CD. Now that they have won an award, they are going to start planning their CD release parties soon.

They will also be performing on the Tejano y Mas TV show and another show in Corpus Christi.

Their band slogan is, “Mount up!”

“Our main goal was to get nominated,” said Valdez, “or just to be on the charts. Now that we actually got on the charts, as well as got nominated and won-- it’s awesome! It makes you want to do more so you can stay on the charts.”

About the state of the current Tejano music scene, Angel said, “Some people seem to think it’s dead. The only reason they say that is either because they do not go to the dances or they don’t support it like they used to.

“I think it is still going. As a matter of fact, I know it’s still going because there are a lot of new artists out there trying to keep it going. There are a lot of people who are just used to the same old artists and they are not giving the new artists a chance. No one is going to be another Jay or a David Lee. You just have to give them a chance to work their way up,” said Angel.

He would like to congratulate both other artists who were nominated for a Tejano Globe Award and those who won.

Angel ended by saying, “To our families and friends and loved ones, thanks for the support. Never stop believing in what you believe in.”