by staff

Posted on March 11, 2013 at 10:49 AM

Updated yesterday at 10:55 AM

The concert that day Mexico beat out Bruno Mars for the biggest crowd ever.

There is one thing that makes “Go Tejano Day” so different from all the others at the rodeo. It’s the music and performers that, perhaps most of you have never heard of, and people come by the thousands to hear it.

“We come to celebrate Tejano Day,” said Liliana Torres. Her family is just one of the reasons the rodeo just keeps breaking records.

“We come every year but this is the first time we come with the babies to celebrate Tejano Day,” she said.

The Hispanic population in Houston is booming and so is the music. The flashy costumes, trumbones and tubas are used by more Norteno performers, who are wildly popular in Texas and northern Mexico.

The concert caps off a day that many, like Lilliana and her family, look forward to every year.

“They can enjoy the ride and enjoy the animals and all that,” she said. And they’ll keep coming back.