Damien Lewis, 15, got the surprise of his life on Wednesday.

Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Alice, Rick Del Bosque, presented Damien with an autographed poster and album of his favorite Tejano musician, Freddie Martinez. Del Bosque said with the help of a friend, he was able to get into contact with Martinez and explain how much of a fan Damien was.

Damien was born blind and has self taught himself how to play the keyboard. He's been apart of the club for about three years where he plays his keyboard for staff and the kids in attendance. Del Bosque said Damien even plays for him personally in his office while he works.

“How many people can say they have their very own entertainer at work?” Del Bosque said.

Damien has been playing the keyboard since he was four and started out by playing oldies music. Del Bosque said on Wednesday, Damien plays 50's music at the club including Elvis Presley and Bobby Darin.

Damien has been with the club for the past three years and is his home away from home. Damien's dad, Andrew, said his son loves playing the keyboard and he loves being at the Boys and Girls Club.

Andrew said Damien would rather be at the club than anywhere else in the world. Though Damien can play different kinds of music, his favorite is Tejano. Del Bosque said Damien can play music from artists like Intocable, Ricky Naranjo and the Hometown Boys.

Del Bosque said the club received a small grant to buy Damien a brand new keyboard to play at the club. He said Damien experiments with all the sounds on the keyboard which is how he learns to play the music. Andrew said his son's outlook on life is always positive and always has music in his mind.