BROWNSVILLE — The 13th Court of Appeals on Thursday dismissed Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz’s appeal of an order requiring him to turn over evidence used to convict a popular Tejano musician of sexual assault of a child.

Saenz filed a motion seeking to dismiss the appeal after deciding to hand over the evidence. The court ordered Saenz to pay for the appeal.

Last December, visiting state District Judge Federico Hinojosa ordered Saenz to turn over DNA evidence to Jose Manuel Lopez’s attorney, Tim Hootman. Lopez is better known as Joe Lopez, from Grammy-winning Supergrupo Mazz.

Saenz said he met with Hootman, who requested the testing data recorded by Texas Department of Public Safety investigators who found Lopez’s semen on a pair of green shorts worn by Lopez’s then 13-year-old relative. Lopez was convicted of having sex with the teenager in 2006.

Hootman has not responded to multiple email requests during the past few months asking about the status of that evidence. Saenz has said that Hootman told him that they are still awaiting the results.