"I am so excited about this opportunity," said Borrero, who will be joining Ramos to do the recording in January. "If you know Tejano music then you know Ruben Ramos, so for me to be connected to him at this early stage of my career is a dream come true."

Ruben Ramos is indeed one of the biggest names in Tejano music, and for that matter, music in general. Ramos is a Grammy Award winning artist, having won "Best Tejano Album of The Year" in 2009 with his band, Ramos and The Mexican Revolution, and he was also inducted into the Tejano Music Awards Hall of Fame. So being singled out to perform with Ramos is a major endorsement for Borrero and will introduce her and her voice to his many fans.

"Ashley Borrero is a very talented young lady who I think will go far in the business," Ramos said. "Having her vocals on my new CD will be a great addition. I am glad to be working with her."

Borrero is already working with another popular Tejano band, Angel Y Vimana, led by Angel Gonzalez, providing her vocals to their performances. She is also expected to begin work soon on her own solo recordings, her first ever, as she has largely been focused on live performances up to now. Borrero brings an interesting combination to her personal music style, mixing her strong Tejano roots with a Pop feel. There is great anticipation of what will come out of the studio when she begins work on her own music. But no matter what, it looks like 2014 is going to a very big year for this rising star.

To read more about Borrero, go to www.ashleyborrero.com and she can be found on Twitter.

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